On 160 square meters, we temporarily provide brand manufacturers with a stage for their product presentation.
New innovative products find a trendminded audience and are physically experienced.

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Pop up Stage for innovative brands.

The entire store or individual areas are booked – the ideal platform for newcomers and online pure-players or established brands to stage something innovative, surprising and inspiring.

Digital Imperative.

Fascinating digital worlds are staged on the latest displays and a 10 m long LED wall of our exclusive partner SAMSUNG: scenery and application example at the same time.

Innovative media and design in conjunction with digitally staged lifestyle and adventure worlds provide the wow effect and enable extraordinary and surprising product and brand presentations.

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Shared experience.

Events such as tech-talks, meet-ups, new product presentations bring together innovative, trendy and brand-affine people with specialist consultants: products are tested, evaluated and the shared experiences are communicated in their own social media channels and the community spirit is conveyed.

Product and brand experiences as well as feedback on special features are documented by our trained specialist staff for product and customer analyzes. Our showroom can also be used for customer events.


More information about our store, the Pop up Stage and the concept behind it can be found here.

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